Core activities;

Since 1983, Context has successfully created enduring, mutually profitable
partnerships between International suppliers and Australasian customers.

For agency principals;

Context is a trusted business associate who works hard to maximise the Australasian
sales of innovative industrial textile raw materials, consumables and nonwoven fabrics.

- we are avid builders of critical mass and staunch defenders of market share.

- we especially enjoy working with enterpreneurial companies whose products have
sustainable competitive advantages that are relevant to Australasian customers,
but whose sales turnover may not be sufficient to justify a dedicated local office.

- we add value to each transaction by attention to detail, comprehensive sales,
administrative and technical support whilst maximising customer satisfaction levels.

Import, warehouse and distribution services to smaller customers is also possible.

For our customers,

We understand that Australasian manufacturers need access to the widest possible
selection of raw materials in order to successfully compete locally and internationally.

Context strives to understand the needs of customers and their target markets,
and to satisfy these requirements through the supply of appropiate raw materials.

We provide a 22 x 7 x 365 local point of contact, next day 'anywhere' on-site
attendance, comprehensive information and prompt, professional service.

Local sales and ecommerce inventory replenishment systems are also possible.



93 Darling Road, (P O Box 521) , Malvern, Victoria, 3144 Australia
Tel: 61 3 9563 6130 Fax: 61 3 9571 0055
Email: sales@contxt.com.au

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